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Because Preferred Benefits Group has a very extensive selection of companies from which to choose coverage, we are able to select the employee benefits packages that will work best for you. Here's a brief description of the quality employee benefit services we offer. Please use the quote link to immediately send for more information or a customized quote for that program.

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Group Medical

Group Care is medical insurance that is usually obtained through your employer or the employer of a family member. It is called "group" because as a member you are part of a large pool of other members in the same plan. These plans are usually classified as indemnity or managed care.

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Group Long Term Disability

Disability insurance provides you with income in the event that you become injured or sick and are unable to work. The word "group" denotes that as a member, you are one of many members in the same plan.
Disability insurance comes in two forms:
  1. Employer-paid (or Group)
  2. Privately paid
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Group Dental

Group dental insurance is a plan that provides you with insurance coverage for the maintenance of your teeth. As a member, you are one of many in a group. Basically, all dental insurance plans offer four types of service:
  1. Preventive maintenance
  2. Basic dentistry
  3. Major dentistry
  4. Orthodontics
There are many variables regarding breadth of coverage, deductibles, and per-person annual benefit caps. We can tailor a plan that best suits your needs.

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Group Life

Group Life insurance provides your loved ones with funds needed to ease their financial burden in the event of your death. A group plan is usually provided through your employer. There are two basic forms of life insurance, permanent and term. The main differences between the two are the types of premiums paid and settlements received.

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Pension Programs (401K Plans)

A 401(k) plan can help you plan for retirement. The plan is named for section 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code that allows employees of qualifying companies to set aside tax-deferred funds. The plan is arranged through your employer as a defined contribution retirement arrangement. So, as a member, you pay into the plan. Each paycheck your 401(k) contribution is automatically deducted before you pay taxes. When you become a member of a 401(k) plan, you decide how you want your money invested. Although the money in the account belongs to you, it is not intended for your use until you reach age 59 1/2. Up until that time, you do not pay taxes on your 401(k) funds. At the time of withdrawal you will pay taxes on the amount you have in your account.

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Section 125 Cafeteria Plans (Premium Pre-Tax Only Plans)

Section 125 is an insurance plan offered through your employer that enables you to voluntarily purchase from a menu of benefit choices using pre-tax dollars. As a member of this program you decide your salary deduction and you will receive a summary plan from your employer and Form 5500 to file with the IRS each year.

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Group Vision Care Programs

Group Vision Care programs extend coverage to the insured for costs incurred for eye exams, lenses and frames. This plan is extended by your employer.

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Self-funded Programs

A self-funded program, otherwise known as a partially self-funded program, is a medical benefits plan in which a member is one of a large pool of members. For companies with better-than-average claims histories, a self-funded program can provide a way to significantly lower premiums.

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Employee Benefit Statements

Employers spend a significant portion of earnings on employee benefits. An Employee Benefit Statement is a document that serves as a tool to enable an employer to communicate clearly to his or her employees the benefits that they receive. An Employee Benefits Statement is provided with the intent that the information will help the employee to utilize the benefits as fully and judiciously as possible.

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