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Welcome to the "What's New" area of our website. This section contains the most updated features from various carriers, allowing you to stay current with the latest information affecting you or your policy.

For general insurance information such as new state regulations and statistics, please click on the Mailroom. For information specific to your carrier, please click on the corresponding icon if listed below.

Healthcare Reform

Click here to download the latest Healthcare Reform.


Highlight for our Oxford Health Plans Clients

You'll find that by using, it's easy to manage your health plan and perform meaningful healthcare transactions at your convenience. You can view a copy of your latest bill, check for receipt of payment, replace Member ID cards, and obtain physician information through Oxford's new Doctor Search tool. In addition, you can add spouses and dependents as well as terminated employees, spouses, and dependents that are no longer eligible for health benefits.

Oxford has a web page created specifically for employer groups called "Your Account," where you can view all of your group information on one page. And employer groups can now download Oxford's logo to create a hotlink to

united health care

New Jersey Pharmacy Bill (per United Healthcare, 11/10/2000)

The State of New Jersey passed a new bill, Senate Bill 1533. This bill affects all businesses located in New Jersey with at least one employee. The new law prohibits insurers that provide prescription drug benefits from imposing different terms and conditions for mail order and retail pharmacy services. This became effective January 1, 2001.

New Jersey Senate Bill 1533 means that members:
  • Will have the same levels of copays, fees and other conditions for retail and mail order pharmacy drugs.
  • Can choose a state registered pharmacy or pharmacist for prescription drugs or pharmacy services if they accept United Healthcare's terms and conditions.
  • Could be charged for services rendered by the pharmacy that are in addition to charges for the drug, for dispensing the drug or for prescription counseling. A pharmacy will notify the member before dispensing the drug that additional charges will be made. No additional charges will be made for patient counseling or other services required by the Board of Pharmacy, Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services in the Department of Human Services or by state or federal law.

For Preferred Benefits Group Clients who have United Healthcare

Looking for more value for your members, without paying more for it? United Healthcare is pleased to announce the newly enhanced "" website. United Healthcare is committed to empowering our members by providing personalized health information. The web offers us the opportunity to provide members with the information they need, when they want it. For an overview of this "no cost" service, please visit us at

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